An Aging, Soon-to-be Mothballed Spaceship Saves the Earth in this Fun Space Opera: My Review of Nick Webb’s Constitution

In the year 2650, an alien menace returns. Its fleet invades our solar system, lays waste to our outposts on Mars and the Moon, and decimates our fleet. Only the aging, soon-to-be-decommissioned ISS Constitution can save the day. That’s the premise of Nick Webb’s Constitution, the first book in his Legacy Fleet trilogy. Seventy-five years […]

A US Navy Destroyer Battles an Evil Reptilian Race in an Alternate World: My Review of Taylor Anderson’s Into The Storm

Taylor Anderson’s Into The Storm, the first book in his exciting Destroyermen series, opens with the US Navy losing World War II. Badly. Three months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the US Navy is unable to stop the Japanese as they sweep across the Pacific Ocean. Having suffered a disastrous defeat at the […]

A Modern-Day Viking and Electrician Take on a Genetically Modified Dragon: My Review of James Byron Huggins’ Leviathan

About twenty years ago, while browsing through the fiction section of Reston Regional Library in Fairfax County, Virginia, I discovered James Byron Huggins. The book I picked up that day was Leviathan. It turned me into a Huggins fanboy. Since then, I’ve devoured just about every book Huggins has written, and wish the man would write […]

Be Careful What You Wish For: A Short Story With a Moral Lesson

Antonio walked along the beach, scouring the sands and the pebbles for shells, washed up by the sea’s relentless, ever moving water.  He spotted one, half buried, and bent to pick it up, but it had been broken, shattered by some sea creature or smashed against a rock.  Looking ahead, he noticed the dull sun’s […]

Prince of Mangar: An Action-Packed Fantasy Serial (My First Fiction Serial on Wattpad)

Nathan Ransford’s eyes burned with sweat. Real warriors don’t sweat this much, do they? Yet here he was, decked out in full armor, sitting atop a white stallion….and sweating profusely. The youngest son of the king, Nathan was about to take part in his first battle. Shifting uncomfortably in the saddle, Nathan looked over at […]

Is Truth Dead? How Postmodernism is Reshaping Our Society (and Not for the Better)

Is Truth dead? That was the question asked by TIME magazine in their March 2017 cover story. Their cover mirrored one of their most famous from 50 years ago, in which they famously asked the question: Is God dead? The answer to the question about whether Truth is dead seems to be… YES And it […]

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Christianity: Is it Wrong to Read Fantasy Books and Stories?

I was a good kid. Most of the time. I had a pretty good reputation with my teachers during my school days. (Since a few of my past teachers might read this blog post, I will qualify that statement by saying there were exceptions. And there’s no need for any teacher to publicly point out […]

Catholic Knights Battle a Demonic Cult: My Review of Steven McKay’s Knight of the Cross

The Knights of St. John battle a satanic cult in Steven A. McKay’s novella Knight of the Cross. Set in 14th century Rhodes, Knight of the Cross serves as a prequel to McKay’s take on the story of Robin Hood. The main protagonist is Sir Richard-at-Lee, a mercenary turned Catholic knight charged with investigating the […]

Heroes Fit For The Times: My Flag Day Review of The Revolutionary War Novel Rise to Rebellion

Today is Flag Day, the day Americans celebrate their flag, which was officially adopted June 14, 1777. It seemed fitting that, on Flag Day, we review a book that fits that theme. Jeff Shaara’s Rise to Rebellion fits that bill. Published in 2001, Rise to Rebellion is the first of a two-part series set during the […]

Jannes Comes to America: My Review of James Byron Huggins’ Sorcerer

Michael Thorn and his wife have just moved to the outskirts of Salem, Massachusetts and want to settle into a quiet, semi-normal life. Thorn, a retired detective and former Special Forces operative, has seen enough violence to last several lifetimes. He now wants to focus on his marriage and his children. Unfortunately, the Thorn family’s […]