A Ragtag Crew in an Aging Vessel Save the Galaxy in this Exciting Space Opera Adventure: My Review of Chris Fox’s Destroyer

A misfit crew on an aging warship must save humanity from destruction in this science fiction actioneer from Chris Fox. Released in March 2016, Destroyer is Fox’s debut space opera¬†novel. It’s the first in his self-published Void Wraith Trilogy. What’s it like? Well, if you throw Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Mass Effect into a blender, you’d get something along the lines of Fox’s Void Wraith series. Since I enjoy all those sci-fi franchises, I enjoyed Destroyer. I read the book in two days, and am looking forward to continuing with the series.

Chris Fox is an iPhone app developer and self-published author based in San Francisco, California. He’s written numerous books, both fiction and nonfiction. As a novelist, he’s written about spaceships, aliens, werewolves, zombies, and mech warriors. His nonfiction writing is all about helping other authors enjoy some of the same success he has experienced. So far, I’ve read 5,000 Words Per Hour, Write to Market, and Launch to Market. And I’ve watched several of his very helpful videos. What got me interested in Destroyer, in fact, was his video series on how he wrote Destroyer in 21 days. If any of you are interested in writing fiction (or perhaps working on some fiction projects), I encourage you to check out Chris’s helpful resources at http://www.chrisfoxwrites.com/for-writers/

Destroyer‘s main protagonist is Commander Nolan, the newly installed executive officer of the UFC Johnston, an aging destroyer-class vessel. For reasons that become clearer as the story progresses, Nolan lost his cushy job with the Office of Fleet Intelligence and was¬† exiled to the Johnston. It was an assignment he didn’t ask for, and few on the Johnston appreciate his being there – at least at the story’s outset. Nolan’s commanding officer is the legendary Captain Dryker, hero of the Tigris War, a war the humans lost to the savage feline race. In his sixties, Dryker is beginning to show his age and the rigors of service are catching up with him. Destroyer also features a handful of other characters, including a grizzly female Marine sergeant who chews up her scenes quite well.

The crew of the UFC Johnston are considered rejects and misfits by Fleet Command. Even their famous captain, skipped over for promotion to admiralty, is serving on board because no one back home wants much to do with him. The ship is old and technologically inferior to the vessels with which it interacts. And yet…it’s up to the Johnston to save the galaxy from a looming threat that no one seems to take seriously.

Destroyer has it all: spaceship battles, space marines, political intrigue, suspense, exotic species, and lots of destruction. There’s even a quote from General James “Mad Dog” Mattis thrown in. Fox keeps the story moving at a steady pace. And keeps the reader turning pages, wanting to see what happens next.

If you like space opera science fiction, give it a shot. I doubt you’ll regret it.