Be an Informed Citizen Every Day of the Year

Casting a vote is good. Casting an INFORMED vote is even better. Your responsibilities as a citizen of the United States aren’t confined to Election Day. That so many Americans only think about politics come election time is why we’re in the mess we find ourselves in today. Whatever happens today, make a commitment that (from this day forward) you will be an INFORMED CITIZEN. You can start by reading the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. And then making it a habit to know your elected officials, what they stand for, and likewise what the candidates each election cycle stand for. And know what the respective political parties stand for. Oh, and don’t rely on bumper stickers and TV commercials. Actually read the party platforms and the candidate positions in detail. Many people around the world would give just about anything to have the freedoms and opportunities we take for granted. Stealing a phrase from the late, great Benjamin Franklin… our Founders gave us a Republic, but it’s our job to keep it. And that means vigilance not just each election cycle, but throughout the year. God bless you and have a wonderful day.